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Films With Ireland as a Setting

"Da" (1988) (102 min) (rated PG) Barnard Hughes, Martin Sheen, Karl Hayden, Doreen Hepburn,William Hickey, Hugh O'Conor, Ingrid Craigie Dir: Matt Clark -Story is based upon the autobiographical play by Hugh Leonard and set in Dalky, County Dublin. -An Irishman returns to Ireland for his father's funeral and, he considers the relationship he had had with his father.

"Danny Boy" (1984: Ireland-UK) (92 min) Veronica Quilligan, Stephen Rea, Alan Devlin, Peter Caffrey, Honor Heffernan, Lise-Ann McLaughlin, Donal McCann, Ray McAnally, Marie Kean Dir: Neil Jordan ***** Screenwriter: Neil Jordan -This film was the first major investment by the Irish Film Board and involved a grant. The balance of the money was funded by the new British independent television service, Channel Four. -Original British title: "Angel" -Saxophonist from South Armagh witnesses a double homicide and then sets out for revenge.

"Darby O'Gill & the Little People" (1959) (93 min) Albert Sharpe, Janet Munro, Sean Connery, Jimmy O'Dea, Kieron Moore, Estelle Winwood Dir: Robert Stevenson ** Technical Advisor: Michael O'Herlihy -Disney adventure with leprechauns.

"The Dawn" (1936: Ireland) Tom Cooper, Eileen Davis, Brian O'Sullivan, Donal O'Cahill, Jerry O'Mahoney Dir: Tom Cooper -Filmed in Kilarney with a local cast. -Original title: "I am Tainted" -In the Kerry region from 1918 to 1922, the IRA struggles with the Black and Tans while a family overcomes the taint of informer.

"The Dawning" (1988: UK) (97 min) (rated PG) Anthony Hopkins, Jean Simmons, Trevor Howard, Rebecca Pidgeon, Hugh Grant, Tara MacGowran Dir: Robert Knights -Set in County Wicklow. (filmed in Counties Cork & Wicklow) -Adapted from Jennifer Johnston's novel The Old Jest by Moire Williams. -This is Trevor Howard's last film. -An 18-year old woman comes to the aid of a stranger amidst the conflict in Ireland in 1920.

"The Dead" (1987) (83 min) (rated PG) Anjelica Huston, Donal McCann, Rachael Dowling, Cathleen Delaney, Helena Carrol, Ingrid Craigie, Dan O'Herlihy, Frank Patterson, Donal Donnelly, Marie Kean, Maria McDermottroe, Sean McClory Dir: John Huston ***Screenplay by: Tony Huston -Taken from a short story by James Joyce. -This is John Huston's last film. -A married couple attends a dinner party at the end of nineteenth-century Dublin and, by evening's end, the husband comes to a deeper understanding of their relationship.

"December Bride" (1990 UK-Irish) (90 min) Saskia Reeves, Ciaran Hinds, Donal McCann, Patrick Malahide, Brenda Bruce Dir: Thaddeus O'Sullivan -Based on a novel by Sam Hanna Bell. -Interior filming at MTM Ardmore Studios & principal sets were at Strangford Lough and Dublin. -In early 20th-century, rural County Down, Sarah, a Protestant woman, becomes the housekeeper on a farm for two Protestant brothers, Frank and Hamilton Echlin. She sleeps with both men but refuses to marry either even after she bears two children, which creates a scandal in the community. When her children grow up, they want to normalize their social status, so they pressure their mother to marry.

"Dementia 13" (1963) (81 min) (B&W) Luara Anders, William Campbell, Bart Patton, Mary Mitchell, Patrick Magee, Eithne Dunne Dir: Francis Ford Coppola -Original title: "The Haunted and the Hunted" -Filmed at Ardmore Studios in Bray and in the village of Newtownmountkennedy, County Wicklow. -A family living on an estate in Ireland is attacked by an axe murderer.

"Desecration" (late 1970s) Tony Hickey, John Murphy, Eamonn Kane Dir: Neville Presho (winner of an Arts Council Script Award) -An archaeological site is discovered under a National Monument and a clash of cultural values ensues.

"The Devil's Own" (1997) Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt -An IRA man comes to America to buy arms but runs into trouble.

"Devil's Rock" (1938) Richard Hayward, Geraldine Mitchell, Gloria Granger Dir: Germaine Burger (Burger also produced shorts on aspects of Irish life.)

"The Disappearance of Finbar" (1997: UK-Ireland-Sweden)(105 min) Jonathan Rhys-Myers, Luke Griffin, Sean McGinley, Fanny Risberg Dir: Sue Clayton -Original Title: "The Disappearance of Rory Brophy". -Two young men grow up together in Ireland, but one of them disappears suddenly. When the missing man turns up in Sweden three years later, his childhood friend sets out to meet up with him again.

"The Disappearance of Rory Brophy" (See: "The Disappearance of Finbar")

"Divine Rapture" (1995) Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp, Debra Winger Dir: Thom Eberhardt -filmed at Ballycotton, County Cork -Bishop Dr. John Magee of Cloyne refused filming in the local Catholic church and the film's producers cut off financial backing, forcing the film production to be wound up.

"Down the Corner" (short feature) (late 1970s) Joe Keenan, Declan Cronin, Kevin Doyle Dir: Joe Comerford -Based upon a book by Noel McFarlene -Local youths interact in Ballyfermot, a working-class neighborhood in Dublin.

"Dublin Nightmare" (1958) William Sylvester, Marie Landi, Richard Leech Dir: John Pomeroy -A foreign photographer visiting Dublin gets mixed up in politics and violence without knowing what is going on.

"Dublin's Fair City" (1948) Dir: Patrick McCrossan -This film was never completed.

"Duck, You Sucker" (See: "A Fistful of Dynamite")

"The Early Bird" (1936) Richard Hayward, Jimmy McGeehan, Charlotte Teddie Dir: Donovan Pedelty ** Screenplay by Norris Davidson

"Eat the Peach" (1986: Irish) (95 min) (rated R) Stephen Brennan, Eamon Morrissey, Catherine Byrne, Niall Toibin, Joe Lynch, Tony Doyle Dir: Peter Ormrod **** Writer: Peter Ormrod -filming took place in Allenwood, Wicklow, County Meath, and Dublin -Based upon a true story from County Longford. -Film was widely distributed and a box-office success in Ireland. -In the Irish midlands, two unemployed young men construct a circus act for motorcycles: the Wall of Death.

"Echos" (1987) Geraldine James, Alison Doody, John Kavanagh -Filmed principally at Dunmore East, County Waterford. -TV miniseries based upon Maeve Binchy's best-selling novel Echos.

"Eh Joe" (mid-1980s) Tom Hickey, Siobhan McKenna Dir: Alan Gilsenan -adaptation of a play by Samuel Beckett

"The Eleventh Hour" (1917) Brian MacGowan, Kathleen Murphy Dir: Fred O'Donovan -produced by The Film Company of Ireland

"The End of The World Man" (1986) Dir: Bill Miskelly -won 2 of the 3 awards in the children's section of the 1986 International Berlin Film Festival: the UNICEF Award and the Berlin Children's Jury Award.

"Exposure" (1978) (48 min) T.P. McKenna, Catherine Schell, Bosco Hogan, Niall O'Brien Dir: Kieran Hickey -Winner of the second Arts Council Film Script Award -Three surveyor men meet a French woman photographer in a rural hotel.

"The Fantasist" (1986: Irish) (98 min) (rated R) Timothy Bottoms, Moira Harris, John Kavanagh, Liam O'Callaghan, Mick Lally, Christopher Cazenove Dir: Robin Hardy -based upon a novel by Patrick McGinley entitled Goosestep -A young Country woman moves to Dublin where a killer lurks.

"Far and Away" (1992: USA) (140 min) (rated PG-13) Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Thomas Gibson, Robert Prosky, Barbara Babcock, Colm Meaney, Eileen Pollock, Michelle Johnson, Cyril Cusack, Clint Howard, Rance Howard, Niall Toibin Dir: Ron Howard -A set village was constructed above Dunquin in County Kerry. -Other filming locations were: Killruddy House in Bray, County Wicklow and Temple Bar area of Dublin (where a Boston street was constructed). -A young, Catholic Irishman leaves Ireland in 1892, finding himself accompanying the daughter of his former landlord. A romance and participation in the Oklahoma land rush ensue.

"Fatal Inheritance" (1990) Kevin Davies, Emma Sands, David McCallum, Darragh Kelly, Anna Manahan, Jim Bartley Written by: Kevin Davies -Filmed around Skerries, Rush and Laytown. -An American heir-hunter goes to Northern Ireland to look for the heir to a $3 million estate.

"The Field" (1990: UK) (110 min) (rated PG-13) Richard Harris, John Hurt, Tom Berenger, Sean Bean, Brenda Fricker, Frances Tomelty, John Crowley, Sean McGinley, Jenny Conroy, Eamon Keane, Brendan Gleeson Dir: Jim Sheridan -Based upon a play by John B. Keane, although the play was set in the late 1950s/early 1960s. -Most filming was at Leenane in County Galway. -The film reinforces the pre-modern view of Ireland, which has been dominant in the cinema. -In 1930s Ireland, a woman decides to sell her land at auction rather than to Tenant Bull McCabe, who has nurtured the field into a prime piece of land.

"The Fighting O'Flynn (1949) (94 min) Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Richard Greene, Helena Carter, Patricia Medina Dir: Arthur Pierson -Set in 1800s Ireland, two men vie in love and war, one foiling Napoleon's plan to invade Ireland.

"The Fighting Prince of Donegal" (1966) (112 min) Peter McEnery, Susan Hampshire, Tom Adams, Gordon Jackson, Andrew Keir Dir: Michael O'Herlihy (who later directed TV shows such as "Hawaii Five-O," "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.," and "The A Team".) -A Disney film. -During the reign of the English Queen Elizabeth I in the late 1500s, an Irish rebel attempts to garner support among his people.

"Finnegan's Wake" (1964) (97 min) Martin J. Kelly, Jane Reilly, Peter Heskell, Page Johnson, John V. Kelleher, Ray Flanagan Dir: Mary Ellen Bute -Based upon the novel by James Joyce as adapted into the play by Mary Manning. -Filmed in a small studio in New York and on location in Dublin. -Financing made possible by the University of Minnesota. -Film uses English subtitles on the English-speaking film for an English-speaking audience. -A Dublin publican dreams in his sleep of the Irish legendary hero Finn McCool and attending his own wake.

"Fire and Sword" (1985: German/Irish) Peter Firth, Leigh Lawson Dir: Keith Von Fuerstenberg -filmed at various locations, including the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Achill Island, and Glendalough -a medieval village was created at Glendalough -a version of the Tristan and Isolde legend -An English Knight is torn between love of country and the love of an Irish princess.

"The Fishermaid of Ballydavid" (1914: U.S.) Gene Gauntier, Robert Vignola Dir: Sidney Olcott

"A Fistful of Dynamite" (1972: Italian) (138 min) (rated PG) James Coburn, Rod Steiger, Romolo Valli, Maria Monti Dir: Sergio Leone (director of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" and of "A Fistful of Dollars") -Earlier Title: "Duck, You Sucker" -aka: "Giu' La Testa" -Filmed at Glendalough and pastures in Wicklow -An exiled IRA man works for Poncho Villa in the Mexican Revolution.

"Flight of the Doves" (1971: UK) (101 min) Ron Moody, Dorothy McGuire, Helen Raye, Jack Wild, Stanley Holloway, William Rushton, Noel Purcell, Tom Hickey, John Molloy, Brendan O'Reilly, Barry Keegan, Dana Dir: Ralph Nelson -Film was based upon a book by author and playwright Walter Macken. -Filmed in part at Ardmore Studios and in several counties from Dublin to Galway. -Two Liverpool children flee to Ireland to visit their grandmother.

"Food of Love" (1916) Kathleen Murphy, Fred O'Donovan Dir: J.M. Kerrigan -produced by The Film Company of Ireland

"Fools of Fortune" (1990: UK) (104 min) (rated PG-13) Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Ian Glen, Julie Christie, John Kavanagh, Rosaleen Linehan Dir: Pat O'Connor -Filmed in Dublin, Mullingar, Aran Islands, and Robertstown areas -Interior scenes filmed at MTM, Admore Studios. -An Irish family living in Ireland before and after WWII suffers at British hands.

"Four Days in July" (1984: UK) (99 min) Brid Brennan, Desmond McAleer, Charles Lawson, Paula Hamilton, Shane Connaughton, Eileen Pollock, Stephen Rea Dir: Mike Leigh -Made for British TV. -In Belfast, a Catholic couple and a Protestant couple meet for the first time in a maternity ward in a hospital. The film shows how different their lives are.

"Frankie Starlight" (1995) (100 min) (rated R) Corban Walker, Alan Pentony, Gabriel Byrne, Anne Parillaud, Matt Dillon, Georgina Cates, Darbnia Molloy, Niall Toibin, Rudi Davies Dir: Michael Lindsay-Hogg -Based upon a novel by Chet Raymo entitled The Dork from Cork -A woman leaves France after WWII, smuggled aboard an American troop ship. She reaches Ireland pregnant and gives birth to a dwarf son. Taken in by the family of a custom's agent, the boy grows up to be a writer who combines his interest in the stars with his mother's sensual past.

"Fun at Finglas Fair" (1915) F.J. McCormick and the Columbian Players Dir: F.J. McCormick *** Written by: Cathal MacGairbhigh -After the film was shown to the manager of the Masterpiece Cinema on Talbot Street, British soldiers broke into the cinema during the 1916 Rising and "accidentally" destroyed the prints. -The film was never shown publicly. -The adventures of two escaped prisoners.

"Fun Loving" (See "Quacker Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx")

"A Further Gesture" (1996) Stephen Rea, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Brendan Gleeson Dir: Robert Dornhelm -An IRA man escapes the Maze prison for America but becomes involved in an attempted assassination of a colonel responsible for torture and murder in Guatemala.

"General John Regan" (1934) Henry Edwards, Chrissie White, W.G. Fay Dir: Henry Edwards *** Screenplay by Norris Davidson & Lennox Robinson -based upon a novel by George A. Birmingham

"The Gentle Gunman" (1952: U.K.) John Mills, Dirk Bogarde, Gilbert Harding, Robert Beatty, Michael Golden, Joseph Tomelty, Elizabeth Sellars, Barbara Mullen Dir: Basil Dearden -Based upon a play by Roger MacDougall. -filmed on location in Wicklow and Dublin -In 1941, two brothers in the IRA are involved in planting bombs in London. One of these men is encouraged by his estranged Irish girlfriend to emulate the example of his brother.

"A Girl of Glenbeigh" (1914: U.S.) Gene Gauntier, Jack Clarke Dir: Sidney Olcott

"Girl With Green Eyes" (1964: UK) (91 min) Rita Tushingham, Peter Finch, Lynn Redgrave, T.P. McKenna, Marie Kean, Julian Glover Dir: Desmond Davis -Filmed in Dublin and Wicklow and adapted from Edna O'Brien's novel, The Lonely Girl. -A young Irish farm girl falls in love with an older English writer.

"The Girl With the Pale Face" (1969) Fidelma Murphy, Donal McCann, Lee Dunne Dir: Paul Gallico, Jr. -Scripted by: Lee Dunne -A young man meets a young woman at a dance, and they go off after the dance to a beach together.

"Giu' La Testa" (See: "A Fistful of Dynamite")

"Goodbye to the Hill" (See: "Paddy")

"Gorgo" (1960) Bill Travers, William Sylvester, Barry Keegan, Vincent Winter Dir: Eugene Lourie -Filmed at Coliemore Harbour in Dalkey, County Dublin. -A sea monster is captured off the west coast of Ireland and put on display in London. The parent then follows to create havoc on the city.

"The Greedy Boy" (1947) Joyce Sullivan, Jim Phelan, Terry Wilson, Sile Nic a Bhaird Dir: Richard Massingham -Award winner at the Venice Film Festival. -A children's story filmed in Wexford.

"The Green Years" (1946) (127 min) Charles Coburn, Dean Stockwell, Tom Drake, Beverly Tyler, Hume Cronyn, Gladys Cooper, Selena Royle, Jessica Tandy, Richard Haydn, Norman Lloyd, Wallace Ford Dir: Victor Saville -Based upon A.J. Cronin's best-seller. -An Irish orphan is sent to live with his mother's family in Scotland.

"Guests of the Nation" (1934) (silent film) Barry Fitzgerald, Shelagh Richards, Hilton Edwards, Esther Cunningham Dir: Denis Johnson *** Screenplay by: Denis Johnson -Based upon a short story by Frank O'Connor, which was published with a collection in 1931. -In 1921, two captured British soldiers interact with their IRA captors. When the British government refuses to trade prisoners, the IRA soldiers reluctantly kill their prisoners.

"Guiltrip" (1995: Irish-French-Italian) Andrew Connolly, Jasmine Russell, Michelle Houlden, Peter Hanly Dir: Gerry Stembridge *** Writer: Gerry Stembridge -Filmed in Maynooth, County Kildare -Won best film, best actor, best actress at intern'l film festival in Amiens, France. -Won best screenplay at intern'l film festival in Thessalonika, Greece. -An Irish soldier inflicts military discipline upon his wife.

"Guns in the Heather" (1968) Kurt Russell, Patrick Dawson, Glenn Corbert, Alfred Burke, Peter Vaughan, Godfrey Quigley Dir: Robert Butler -Walt Disney Production filmed in County Clare and County Galway. -An American boy and an Irish boy are chased in the West of Ireland by a gang of crooks.

"The Gypsies of Old Ireland" (1914: U.S.) Annie O'Sullivan, Valentine Grant Dir: Sidney Olcott

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