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Films With Ireland as a Setting

"The Haunted and the Hunted" (See: "Dementia 13")

"Hear My Song" (1991) (104 min) (rated R) Ned Beatty, Adrian Dunbar, Shirley Anne Field, Tara Fitzgerald, William Hootkins, David McCallum, Terry Mulligan Dir: Peter Chelsum -Canadian release is 9 minutes longer than the U.S. release. -A struggling Irish nightclub owner in Britain goes to Ireland in search of the legendary singer Josef Locke so that he can convince him to sing in his club.

"The Hebrew Lesson" (1972) (30 min) Milo O'Shea, Patrick Dawson, Alun Owen Dir: Wolf Mankowitz ** Writer/Producer: Wolf Mankowitz -First film by the Dublin Film Cooperative -Filmed on a set at Ardmore -In 1921 in Cork, an elderly jewish man hides an IRA man on the run from the Black and Tans and the two men share their philosophies.

"Hennessy" (1975: UK) (103 mins) (rated PG) Rod Steiger, Lee Remick, Richard Johnson, Trevor Howard, Eric Porter Dir: Don Sharpe - After an Irishman sees his wife and child shot dead by a British soldier in Belfast, he attempts to blow up the British Parliament.

"Hidden Agenda" (1991) (108 min) (rated R) Frances McDormand, Brian Cox, Brad Dourif, Mai Zetterling, John Benfield, Des McAleer, Jim Norton, Maurice Roeves Dir: Kenneth Loach -A British police officer investigates the killing in Northern Ireland of an American human rights lawyer who had been investigating claims of torture of civilians by the British Government security forces.

"High Boot Benny" (1992: Ireland) Marc O'Shea, Frances Tomelty, Alan Devlin Dir: Joe Comerford ** Writer: Joe Comerford -Just south of the border across Ireland, a delinquent 17- year-old boy finds refuge at a school run by an ex-priest and matron. Then, the body of a police informer turns up.

"High Spirits" (1988) (96 min) (rated PG) Peter O'Toole, Donald McCann, Mary Koughlan, Liz Smith, Steve Guttenberg, Beverly D'Angelo, Jennifer Tilly, Peter Gallagher, Daryl Hannah, Liam Neeson, Ray McAnally, Connie Booth Dir: Neil Jordan **** Written by: Neil Jordan -Cast members complained that the movie's producers altered the original whimsical intentions of director/writer Jordan. -Some exterior shots filmed at Dromore Castle, County Limerick. (Setting was Castle Plunkett.) -A castle owner in Ireland pretends he has ghosts to attract more tourists, but he upsets real ghosts in doing so.

"Home is the Hero" (1958: Irish) (83 min) Arthur Kennedy, Maire O'Donnell, Walter Macken, Harry Brogan, Eileen Crowe, Joan O'Hara Dir: Fielder Cook -The first film completed at Ardmore Studios in Dublin. -Based upon a play by Walter Macken, who plays Paddo O'Reilly. -At the time of this film's premier, critics praised Macken's performance. -Paddo O'Reilly, a man who had been imprisoned for killing another man in a public house, returns to his rural home where he is confronted by his son who has taken his position as head of the family.

"Horowitz of Dublin Castle" (1974) Harvey Lembeck, Cyril Cusack, Sinead Cusack, Martin Dempsey Dir: William Kronick *** Writer: Michael Judge -aka: "Steve McQueen...I am not" -A thriller with humor set in Dublin. -An American policeman comes to Ireland and solves a crime.

"Hungry Hill" (1947: U.K.) (92 min) Margaret Lockwood, Dennis Price, F.J. McCormick, Cecil Parker, Eileen Crowe, Arthur Sinclair, Siobhan McKenna, Michael Denison Dir: Brian Desmond Hurst (born in Cork in 1900) -Based on a novel by Daphne du Maurier, which were based upon real events in the copper-mining area of Berehaven, Allihies, County Cork in the mid-19th century when a family of Cornish miners developed a mine there. -Filmed in part in Glengarriff, County Cork -In Victorian times, two Irish families, the Brodericks and the Donovans, feud over three generations. In the film, some locals object to the mine, then attack and destroy it.

"Hush-A-Bye Baby" (1989: Ireland) Emer McCourt, Sinead O'Connor Dir: Margo Harkin -Produced by The Derry Film and Video Workshop. -In the 1980s, Gorett, a Derry teenager, finds that she is pregnant and facing a dilemma: having the child or having an abortion. Her problem is heightened because her boyfriend is arrested for allegedly committing a 'terrorist' offense in the occupied counties and her letter to him is censored because it is in Irish. Meanwhile, the Republic has a referendum concerning abortion. Gorett is afraid to reveal her pregnancy to her parents, and she struggles on her own to come to terms with the choice that she will make.

"I am Tainted" (See: "The Dawn")

"I Can't, I Can't" (See: "Wedding Night")

"I See a Dark Stranger" (1946: UK) (98 min) Deborah Kerr, Trevor Howard, Raymond Huntley, Liam Redmond, Harry Webster, Liam O'Gorman, Breffni O'Rourke, Cecil Forde, Eithne Dunne Dir: Frank Launder * Producers:Frank Launder & Sidney Gilbert -Filmed in Wicklow. -Released later under the title "The Adventuress". -During WWII, a young Irish woman leaves her home in Ireland to go fight the British. She soon finds herself in a predicament and falling in love with a British officer.

"I Thank a Fool" (1962: U.K.) (100 min) Peter Finch, Susan Hayward, Diane Cilento, Cyril Cusack, Kieron Moore, Athene Seyler Dir: Robert Stevens *** Screenplay by: John Mortimer -Based upon a novel by Audrey Erskine Lindop. -Filmed at Crookhaven, County Cork. -After spending a year and a half in prison for a mercy- killing, a woman is hired by a professional to be a companion for his mentally ill wife.

"I Was Happy Here" (1966: U.K.) (91 min) Sarah Miles, Cyril Cusack, Julian Glover, Sean Caffrey, Julian Glover Dir: Desmond Davis -Adapted from the a short story by Edna O'Brien entitled, Passage of Love. -aka: "Time Lost and Time Remembered" -Cass, as a young woman, leaves her Irish village for London where she marries Dr. Matthew Langdon, an older man. After a quarrel, she returns to her village and the young man she once loved, Colin Foley. She now finds that she fits neither into the middle-class English society nor any longer into her old village life. Matthew follows Cass to Ireland, but he returns to London alone.

"I Went Down" (1997: U.K./Ireland) (105 min) (rated R) Brendan Gleeson, Peter McDonald, Peter Caffrey, Tony Doyle Antoine Byrne Dir: Paddy Breathnach Written by: Conor McPherson -Through 1997, Ireland's all-time highest grossing film. -Two Irish men find themselves on a road adventure together in Ireland in an effort to keep a gangster from getting too angry with them.

"Images" (1972: UK/US) (101 min) (rated R) Susannah York, Rene Auberjonois, Marcel Bozzuffi, Hugh Millias, Cathryn Harrison Dir: Robert Altman (director of M.A.S.H.) -Filmed on the stages of Ardmore, at Powerscourt, and at an isolated house in Wicklow -No Irish actors in the cast -Cinematography has been highly praised -The film was entered as Ireland's first official entry at the Cannes Film Festival, where York won the award for Best Actress. -A man and his wife divide their time between a fancy city apartment and a house in the country. The wife slips into madness.

"In the Days of St. Patrick" (1917: Ireland) Ira Allan, Alice Cardinall, George Griffin, Maud Hume, T. O'Carroll Reynolds, Cyclone Billy Warren, Alice Keating Dir: Norman Whitten -Produced by the General Film Company of Ireland -Filmed in Rush, County Dublin -This film was the first feature-length production on the life of Patrick, the fifth-century Roman/Welsh missionary. -Patrick and his sister Lupita are kidnapped in Wales by Irish raiders who bring them back to Ireland as slaves. Patrick later goes on to bring christianity to Ireland.

"In the Name of the Father" (1993) (133 min) (rated R) Daniel Day-Lewis, Emma Thompson, Pete Postlethwaite, Don Baker Dir: Jim Sheridan *Screenplay by Jim Sheridan & Terry George -Based upon Gerry Conlon's book Proved Innocent. -Among others, two Irishmen, father and son, are imprisoned for the bombing of a Guildford although British authorities knew they were innocent before their trial took place.

"The Informant" (1998) Timothy Dalton, Anthony Brophy, Kerry Elways Dir: Jim McBride (director of "The Big Easy") -In the troubles of the occupied six northern counties, a man deals with the tait of being an informer.

"The Informer" (1929: UK) (83 min) Lars Hanson, Lya de Putti, Warwick Ward, Dennis Wynham Dir: Arthur Robison *** Story by: Liam O'Flaherty -A dim-witted rebel turns in a friend for a reward in the Anglo-Irish War of 1916-1922 and then deals with the consequences.

"The Informer" (1935: U.S.A.) (100 min) Victor McLaglen, Preston Foster, Heather Angel, Margot Grahame, Una O'Connor, Wallace Ford, Joseph Sawyer, J.M. Kerrigan, Donald Meek Dir: John Ford *** Story by: Liam O'Flaherty -Adapted by: Dudley Nicholls ** Musical Score: Max Steiner -Filmed in a Hollywood lot, not in Ireland. -Oscars: Best Actor (McLaglen), Best Director (Ford), Best Screenplay (Nicholls), Best Original Score (Steiner) -A dim-witted rebel turns in a friend for a reward in the Anglo-Irish War of 1916-1922 and then deals with the consequences.

"Into the West" (1993: Ireland) (97 min) (rated PG) Gabriel Byrne, Ellen Barkin, Ruaidhri Conroy, Ciaran Fitzgerald, Colm Meaney, David Kelly, Johnny Murphy, John Kavanagh, Pauline Delaney, Brendan Gleeson Dir: Mike Newell *** Written by Jim Sheridan -Filmed at Wicklow, Dublin, Portarlington, and Dog's Bay (near Roundsone in County Galway). -Two city kids from Dublin experience the magic of a wonderful horse.

"Ireland, A Nation" (1914: U.S.) Barry O'Brien Dir: Walter McNamara *** Script by: P.J. Bourke -The film had only one public showing in Dublin in January 1917 at the Rotunda before the British authorities banned the film. -Banned for several years in Ireland while it played for packed houses in America in such places as Chicago. -Filmed in Baltinglass and Glendalough, County Wicklow -In 1920, the Gaelic Film Company added scenes from the contemporary situation in Ireland, adding the Auxiliaries, the Black and Tans and the death of Terence MacSweeny, the Lord Mayor of Cork. -The story of Robert Emmet and more modern attempts to obtain Home Rule in Ireland.

"Ireland, The Oppressed" (1912: U.S.A.) Robert Vignola, Jack Clark, Sidney Olcott, Alice Hollister Dir: Sidney Olcott -An old Irishman named Marty tells how 50 years ago he helped an Irish priest escape to America after the priest was found to be supporting tenants who were about to be evicted by their landlords. Marty along with others in "The White Boys," a secret agrarian society, deal with an informer in their efforts to help the priest. Peggy, Marty's girlfriend, is sentenced to seven years in jail for helping with the rescue of the priest, but she later marries Marty.

"Ireland's Rough-Hewn Destiny" (1929) Gearoid O'Lochlinn Dir: Victor Haddick -A film about an Irish-speaking St. Patrick.

"Irish and Proud of It" (1936) Richard Hayward, Dinah Sheridan, Liam Gaffney Dir: Donovan Pedelty

"Irish Cinderella" (1922) (72 min) (silent movie) -The Cinderella story is put into an Irish context with stress on Irish patriotism.

"Irish Destiny" (1926) Denis O'Dea, Una Shields, Daisy Campbell, F.J. McCormick, Maureen Delaney, Paddy Dunne Cullinan Dir: I.J. Eppel & George Dewhurst -Produced by the Irish Film Company. -Filmed mainly around Dublin. -Banned in the U.K. by the British Board of Film Directors. -Exterior filming was shot in Glendalough and Greystones, and the interior filming was shot at Shepherd's Bush Film Studio. -The Irish Rebellion of 1916-22 is the backdrop for a love story, and the film features the burning of the Custom House.

"Irish for Luck" (1936) Athene Seyler, Margaret Lockwood Dir: Arthur Woods -A busker wins fame on the BBC.

"The Irish Girl" (1917) Kathleen Murphy Dir: J.M. Kerrigan

"Irish Hearts" (1927: U.S.A.) Mary McAvoy Dir: Byron Haskin -Sheila follows her boyfriend Emmett to America from Ireland. In America, Emmett has taken up with a flapper named Clarice, and he abandons Sheila. Sheila meets an American named Rory. On the day that Sheila was to have married Emmett, he changes his mind and marries instead Clarice. Sheila goes to the wedding party, and she makes a mess of the dinner. Sheila then goes on to marry Rory.

"Irish Hearts" (1934) Lester Matthews, Nancy Byrne, Sara Allgood, Arthur Sinclair Dir: Brian Desmond Hurst -based upon a novel by Dr. Abrahamson entitled Night Nurse.

"Irish Luck" (1925) -produced by the Jessie Lasky Company, which included amongits directors Cecil B. de Mille and Samuel Goldwyn, and this company was one of the premier film companies in the world at the time. -exterior shots were filmed in Kilarney

"The Irish R.M." (UK) -a tv mini-series -Based upon tales of E.OE. (Edith) Somerville and Martin Ross (Violet Florence Martin), two cousins from Anglo-Irish families in Galway. -Set in 1895, an Englishman attempts to adapt to the Irish when he becomes their Resident Magistrate.

"An Irish Vendetta" (1920) William Powell, Kitty Hart Dir: William Powell -Nothing of William Powell's works have survived. -During the filming of this movie's climax, William Powell was thrown from his horse onto the railings when his horse bolted on the Leopardstown race course. He died two days later in the Mater Hospital on June 6, 1920.

"Irish Wives and English Neighbors" (1907) Dir: Arthur Melbourne-Cooper (A British director) -first Irish fiction film

"The Iron Staircase" (See: "Stranger at My Door")

"The Islandsman" (1938) Gabriel Fallon, Brian O'Sullivan, Delia Murphy Dir: Patrick Heale

"It's Handy When People Don't Die" (1980) Garret Keogh, Bob Carisle, Brendan Cauldwell Dir: Tom McArdle -During the 1798 rising, a village boy listens to stories and myths as the war moves around him.

"A Jack of All Maids" (1951) Jack McGowran Dir: Tomas MacAnna -Filmed in the cafe of the old Abbey Theatre. -A film about a man who loved women.

"Jacqueline" (1956: UK) (92 min) John Gregson, Kathleen Ryan, Jacqueline Ryan, Noel Purcell, Cyril Cusack, Liam Redmond, Marie Kean Dir: Roy Baker -Screenplay by Liam O'Flaherty & Patrick Kirwan (with lines added by Catherine Cookson & Patrick Campbell) -In the 1950s, an Irish-Protestant girl in Belfast helps her alcoholic father find work.

"James Joyce: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" (1976) (98 min) Bosco Hogan, T.P. McKenna, John Gielgud, Roseleen Linehan, Maureen Potter, Niall Buggy, Brian Murray, John Gielgud Dir: Joseph Strick -Based upon James Joyce's first novel. -Filmed in Ireland. -A man questions his faith as he reaches manhood in late 19th century Dublin.

"James Joyce's Women" (1985) (91 min) (rated R) Fionnula Flanagan, Timothy E. O'Grady, Chris O'Neill Dir: Michael Pearce **** Written by: Fionnula Flanagan -The film portrays the lives of female characters from Joyce's writing as well as women in his real life.

"Jimmy Boy" (1934: U.K.) Jimmy O'Dea, Guy Middleton, Vera Sherburne Dir: John Baxter -An Irish boy discovers that a foreign-film star is a spy.

"Joe My Friend" (1995) John Cleere, Joel Grey, Schuyler Fox, Stanley Townsend Dir: Chris Bould -Based on screenplay by: David Howard and Declan Hughes -Won Best Children's Film at the Berlin Film Festival in 1996. -Two boys long to switch places, one being with a travelling circus and the other being with a settled family.

"John, Love" (late 1970s) (short feature) Dir: John Davis *** Written by: John Davis -A young Dublin boy in the 1950s has his First Communion day.

"Johnny Nobody" (1961: UK) (88 min) Nigel Patrick, Aldo Ray, William Bendix, Yvonne Mitchell, Jimmy O'Dea, Noel Purcell, Eddie Byrne, Joe Lynch Dir: Nigel Patrick -Filmed at Enniskerry, Carrickmines, Mountjoy Jail, and the Wicklow Mountains. Also filmed at Ardmore Studios. -In an Irish village, a disliked atheist writer is killed by a mysterious stranger. Local priest suspects a plot while the villagers claim a miracle.

"John Paul Jones" (1959) (126 min) Robert Stack, Marisa Pavan, Charles Coburn, Erin O'Brien, Macdonald Carey, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Peter Cushing, Bruce Cabot, Bette Davis, Mia Farrow -Film debut for Mia Farrow (daughter of Dir. John Farrow & Maureen O'Sullivan -Naval war hero of the American Revolutionary War fights British ships in the Irish sea before moving on to help Catherine the Great in Russia.

"Joyriders" (1988) Andrew Connolly, Patricia Kerrigan, Billie Whitelaw, David Kelly Dir: Aisling Walsh -A battered wife deserts her children for an adventure in Clare with a joyrider.

"Juno and the Paycock" (1930: UK) (96 min) Sara Allgood, Edward Chapman, John Longden, Sidney Norgan, Marie O'Neill, John Laurie, Dennis Wyndham, Kathleen O'Regan Dir: Alfred Hitchcock (British Director) & Alma Reville -Written by Sean O'Casey ** Adapted by: Alfred Hitchcock -Seized and burned by crowd at first screening in Ireland. -Barry Fitzgerald has his screen debut as the "Orator". -A poor Dublin family struggles during the Irish Civil War of 1922.

"The Kerry Dancer" (1913: U.S.) Jack Clarke, Gene Gauntier Dir: Sidney Olcott

"The Kerry Gow" (1913: U.S.) Gene Gauntier, Jack P. McGowan Dir: Sidney Olcott

"Kes" (1969: UK) (113 min) David Bradley, Lynne Perrie, Freddie Fletcher, Colin Welland, Brian Glover, Bob Bowes Dir: Kenneth Loach (Director of "Hidden Agenda") -A young working-class boy cares for and trains a pet falcon. The film is a commentary on the lack of opportunities for the lower classes in England.

"The Key" (1934) (71 min) William Powell, Edna Best, Colin Clive, Donald Crisp Dir: Michael Curtiz -During the 1916-1922 war in Ireland, a British soldier has an affair with a former girlfriend, who is now the wife of a superior officer and friend.

"Kinkisha" (1980) Dir: Tom McArdle ** Written by: John McArdle -Tom McArdle and John McArdle are twin brothers -The film looks at the effects of superstition on a Galway marriage.

"Knocknagow" (1918: Ireland) Brian Magowan, J.M. Carre, Alice Keating, Cyril Cusack, Kathleen Murphy Dir: Fred O'Donovan -Cusack is 5 years old and appears as an evicted child. -based upon a novel by Charles Kickham, which is set shortly after the Great Hunger ("An Gorta Mor" of 1845-1851) rather than during the Great Hunger as in the film. -filmed and first shown around Clonmel. -In 1848 in County Tipperary, Land Agent Pender threatens Mrs. Honor Lahy and her daughter Norah with eviction unless they pay their rent arrears. However, Independent Freeholder Mat the Thrasher challenges Pender's designs to clear the land of tillage farmers so that the land can be used for more profitable grazing.

"Korea" (1995) Donal Donnelly, Andrew Scott, Fiona Molony, Vass Anderson, Dir: Cathal Black -Based upon a story by John McGahern -Filmed in Dublin and in Leitrim -Special Jury Prize for Best Film at the Amiens Film Festival in France. -Set in the summer of 1952, Eamon Doyle awaits the results of his exams while he fishes with his father in rural Ireland. When the body of a local boy is returned from Korea to be buried in a cemetery by the lake, Eamon falls for the dead boy's sister to find that their fathers have been feuding since the Irish Civil War. The anti-treaty man loses his fishing rights in the face of modernization being aided by his civil war enemy.

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