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Films With Ireland as a Setting

"Saints and Sinners" (1949: U.K.) Kieron Moore, Christine Norden, Noel Purcell, Eddie Byrne Dir: Leslie Arliss ** Screenplay by: Paul Vincent Carroll -A successful Irish businessman returns to his native village in Ireland to find that things have changed.

"Sally's Irish Rogue" (See: "The Poacher's Daughter")

"Salome's Last Dance" (1988: UK) (90 min) (rated R) Glenda Jackson, Stratford Johns, Nickolas Grace, Imogen Millais-Scott, Douglas Hodge Dir: Ken Russell -Playwright Oscar Wilde is entertained in a brothel by prostitutes who perform his forbidden play "Salome".

"Scarlett" (1994) (360 min) (rated PG) Joanne Whalley, Timothy Dalton, Stephen Collins, Annabeth Gish, Colm Meaney, Jean Smart, Sean Bean Dir: John Erman -An epic TV mini-series sequel to "Gone With the Wind". -filmed in part at Ardmore Studios in Bray. -Scarlett O'Hara-Butler goes to Ireland.

"The Secret of Roan Inish" (1994) (102 min) (rated PG) Jeni Courtney, Michael Lally, Eileen Colgan, John Lynch, Richard Sheridan, Susan Lynch, Cillian Byrne Dir: John Sayles -Based upon a 1957 novel by Rosalie K. Fry. -Post WWII Donegal is the scene where Irish myth becomes real.

"Sense of Wonder" (1983) Anne Chaplin, Martin Donovan Dir: Martin Donovan (from Argentina) Written by: Martin Donovan (based upon the death of his 17-year-old brother in an auto collision) -first film for Charlie Chaplin's daughter -filmed in Cloghane on the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry -28 locals had speaking parts and many more locals were employed. -A youth dies in an auto collision and lives are effected.

"Shake Hands With the Devil" (1959) (100 min) James Cagney, Don Murray, Dana Wynter, Glynis Johns, Michael Redgrave, Cyril Cusack, Sybil Thorndike, Harry Brogan, Noel Purcell, Ray McAnally, Richard Harris Dir: Michael Anderson -Based upon a novel by Reardon Conor. -An IRA unit struggles during the Anglo-Irish War of 1916-1922, and an Irish-American becomes involved.

"Shane The Post" (1913: U.S.) Jack Clarke, Pat O'Malley Dir: Sidney Olcott

"The Shaughran" (1912: U.S.) Jack Clarke, Gene Gauntier Dir: Sidney Olcott

"The Sky is Blue" (1970: French) Alexander Stewart, Frederico Du Pasquale -A French sports journalist, covering an Ireland-France rugby match, falls in love with a woman working at the American Embassy in Dublin.

"Snakes and Ladders" (1995) Pom Boyd, Gina Moxley, Sean Hughes, Rosaleen Linehan, Paudge Behan Dir: Trish McAdam ***** Written by: Trish McAdam -Filmed in Dublin and in Berlin. -Comedy involving two street entertainers.

"The Snapper" (1993) (95 min) (rated R) Tina Kelleher, Colm Meaney, Ruth McCabe, Colm O'Byrne, Pat Laffan, Eanna MacLiam, Ciara Duffy Dir: Stephen Frears *** Writer: Roddy Doyle -Interior scenes filmed at Ardmore Studios and location work at Kilbarrack and Darndale. -A 20-year-old in Dublin is pregnant but refuses to tell her parents the name of the father.

"The Soldier's Wife" (See: "The Crying Game")

"Some Mother's Son" (1997) Helen Mirren, John Lynch, Fionnula Flanagan, David O'Hara Dir: Terry George (Terry George co-wrote the screenplay for "In the Name of the Father".) -original title: "Sons and Warriors" -Two mothers cope with their sons who are on hunger strike in Belfast in 1980.

"Sometime City" (mid 1980s) Dir: Joe Lee and Frank Deasy -a short film by City Vision, a Dublin-based company. -This film was soon followed by "The Courier," a feature-length film by this company.

"Song O' My Heart" (1930) (91 min) John McCormack, Maureen O'Sullivan, John Garrick, J.M. Kerrigan, Tommy Clifford, Alice Joyce Dir: Frank Borzage -Ireland's most famous tenor is lead in this early musical. -filmed near Bray. -A singer is forced to give up his career when he marries.

"Sons and Warriors" (See: "Some Mother's Son")

"Spaghetti Slow" (1995: Irish-Italian) Niamh O'Byrne, Guilio Di Marco, Brendan Gleeson Dir: Valerie Jalango -An Italian student comes to Dublin to learn English and falls in love with his hosts' daughter. The two fathers chase the couple across Ireland.

"Stone in the Heather" (~1954) Dir: Hilton Edwards ** Producer: Louis Elliman -aka: "Cross My Heart" -Script by Hilton Edwards & George Morrison -Short film shot in the Dublin Mountains. -Based upon an Irish myth.v

"Stranger at My Door" (1947) Dir: Desmond Leslie -AKA: "The Iron Staircase" -Filmed in Dublin.

"The Strangers Came" (1950) Seamus Mac Locha, Gabriel Fallon Dir: Alfred Travers

"Summer Fling" See: "Last of the High Kings"

"The Sun, the Moon and the Stars" (1995) Angie Dickinson, Jason Donovan, Elaine Cassidy, Gina Moxley, Aisling Corcoran Dir: Geraldine Creed **** Writer: Geraldine Creed -A 12-year old girl tries witchcraft during a summer vacation by the sea in the north Dublin resort of Donabate.

"Sweet Inniscarra" (1934) Sean Rogers, Mae Ryan Dir: Emmet Moore

"Taffin" (1988: UK) (96 min) (rated R) Pierce Brosnan, Ray McAnally, Alison Doody, Patrick Bergin, Jeremy Child, Alan Standord, Jonathan Ryan Dir: Francis Megahy -An Irishman battles businessmen who want to transform an Irish soccer field into a location for a chemical plant.

"Ten Days Leave" (1917) Dir: Jack Warren **** Animator: Frank Leah -Ireland's first cartoon -450 feet in length -Although Warren was an Englishman, he was editor of the Irish publication "The Irish Limelight," and Leah was a regular contributor to this publication.

"A Terrible Beauty" (See: "The Night Fighters")

"30 is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia" (1967) Dudley Moore, Suzy Kendall, Patricia Routledge, Eddie Foy, Jr., Micheal MacLiammoir Dir: Joseph McGrath -A segment is filmed in Dublin. -A piano player decides that he should be married by his 30th birthday, which is in six weeks.

"This is My Father" (1998: Canada) (120 min) Aidan Quinn, James Caan, John Cusack, Stephen Rea, Moya Farrelly, Colm Meaney Dir: Paul Quinn; Written by: Paul Quinn -Cinematographer: Declan Quinn -Three Quinn brothers collaborated in making this film. -Kieran Johnson, an American schoolteacher, finds a 50-year-old photo in the home of his aging mother. The photo shows his mother as a young woman with a young man, and found with the photo are the words, "To Fiona, the loveliest of all the lasses. I would love to be your man! - Kieran". Kieran then sets off for Ireland with his sister's son to discover the family's history.

"This is the Sea" (1995) (rated R) (104 min) Gabriel Byrne, Richard Harris, John Lynch, Samantha Morton, Ross McDade -Dir: Mary McGuckian -During the 1994 ceasefire in Northern Ireland, a young Protestant woman is allowed to go to the Balmoral Show by her parents, and she meets there a young Catholic man whose brother is in the IRA.

"This Other Eden" (1959) Leslie Phillips, Audrey Dalton, Norman Rodway Dir: Murial Box -Based upon a play by Louis D'alton. -An angry young man contends with the shadow of a dead Irish hero from the Anglo-Irish War of 1916-1922.

"Three Leaves of Shamrock" (See: "Rising of the Moon")

"Time Lost and Time Remembered" (See: "I Was Happy Here")

"Top O' the Morning" (1949) (100 min) Bing Crosby, Barry Fitzgerald, Ann Blyth, Hume Cronyn Dir: David Miller -An Irish-American insurance investigator searches for Ireland's blarney stone, which has disappeared and was insured by his firm.

"Transatlantic Flight" (1948) Gene Kelly, Betsy Blair Dir: Joseph Ryle -filmed in part at Shannon Airport

"Traveller" (1981: Ireland) Judy Donovan, Davy Spillane Dir: Joe Comerford -Written by: Neil Jordan -Angela Devine marries fellow 'traveller' Michael Connors. During a trip from the Republic to the occupied counties, Angela reveals that she has been the victim of violence and incest by her father. As Angela becomes more self-aware, she comes to believe that her future may lie outside Ireland.

"The Trials of Oscar Wilde" (1960: U.K.) (123 min) Peter Finch, Yvonne Mitchell, John Fraser, Lionel Jeffries, Nigel Patrick, James Mason Dir: Ken Hughes -Released at same time as "Oscar Wilde," a different film. -Chronical of Wilde's libel suit against the Marquis of Queensberry and the tragic twist his life takes because of it. The brilliant wit ends up in prison.

"Tristan and Isolde" (See: "Lovespell")

"Trojan Eddie" (1996) (105 min) (not rated) Stephen Rea, Richard Harris, Angeline Ball, Brendan Gleeson, Sean McGinley, Gladys Sheehan Dir: Gillies MacKinnon -Based upon a screenplay by Billy Roche -An Irishman comes to terms with his life as a confidence man. He has been working for years for an aging, well-off traveller who has recently decided to take a young bride for her beauty although she loves another.

"Troubles" (1987) Ian Charleson, Ian Richardson, Emer Gillespie -filmed for London Weekend TV -Filmed partly in Greystones and Killala, County Mayo, by Little Bird, an Irish film company. -Adapted from a novel by J.G. Farrell

"Turas Tearnaimh" (1953) Dir: Gerald Healy -Featured Abbey Theatre actors.

"Two By Forsyth" (1984) (60 min) (1) "A Careful Man" Dan O'Herlihy, David Kelly, Cyril Cusack, Jim Norton, Shirley Anne Field Dir: Morgan O'Sullivan -A dying wealthy man looks to where his money will go. (2) "Privilege" Milo O'Shea, Gayle Hunnicutt, Patrick Bedford Dir: Michael O'Herlihy -A defamed man in Dublin looks for justice.

"Ulysses" (1967: UK-US) (140 min) Barbara Jefford, Milo O'Shea, Maurice Roeves, T.P. McKenna, Martin Dempsey, Sheila O'Sullivan, Joe Lynch, Fionnula Flanagan, Anna Managhan Dir: Joseph Strick -Based upon a novel by James Joyce and filmed entirely on location in Dublin. -Set in 1965 instead of 1904 as written because of budget constraints. -The film was banned in parts of England, but it played for an extended period in the West End of London. It had a limited showing in the United States. -Strick used surreal imagery for the stream of consciousness novel.

"Uncle Nick" (1938) Val Vousden Dir: Tom Cooper

"Undercurrent" (1994) Owen Roe, Stanley Townsend, Tina Kelleher, Orla Charleston, Ali White, Liam Cunningham Dir: Brian O'Flaherty (his first feature film) -Two Dublin detectives are put on the case when the daughter of a politician disappears.

"An Unfair Love Affair" (1916) Nora Clancy, Fred O'Donovan Dir: J.M. Kerrigan -produced by The Film Company of Ireland

"The Upstart" (1917) Kathleen Murphy, Fred O'Donovan Dir: J.M. Kerrigan

"The Van" (1996) (rated R) Colm Meaney, Donal O'Kelly, Brendan O'Carroll, Ger Ryan Dir: Stephen Frears -Based upon a novel by Roddy Doyle. -Last of "Barrytown Trilogy": (The Commitments;The Snapper) -Two pals go into the fast food business in Dublin.

"The Violent Enemy" (1968: U.K.) (94 min) Tom Bell, Susan Hampshire, Ed Begley, Noel Purcell, Philip O'Flynn, Jon Laurimore, Michael Standing Dir: Don Sharp -Interiors filmed at Ardmore Studios and exteriors filmed around Dublin. -An IRA man breaks out of jail because his expertise in explosives is needed in Ireland to blow up a British power plant.

"The Voice of Ireland" (1936) Richard Hayward, Victor Haddick, Barney O'Hara Dir: Col. Victor Haddick -A musical.

"The Voice Within" (See: "Crime on the Irish Border")

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