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Films With Ireland as a Setting

"A War of Children" (1972: US) (73 min) (filmed in Ireland) Vivian Merchant, Anthony Andrews, Jenny Agutter, Aideen O'Kelly, Patrick Dawson Dir: George Schaefer -Set in Belfast (but filmed in Dublin) -Although many in Ireland could see CIE buses passing for Ulsterbus buses and could see familiar Dublin locations passing for the streets of Belfast, the film was a smash in the United States and won an Emmy Award. -First shown at the Cork Film Festival -Director George Schaefer does a sequel with "Children in the Crossfire". -After a Catholic woman in Belfast sees her husband sent to prison for a small act of friendship, she begins to hate blindly.

"War of the Buttons" (1994: UK-Fr-Jap.) (90 min) (rated PG) Gregg Fitzgerald, John Coffey, Liam Cunningham, Johnny Murphy, Colm Meaney, Jim Bartley, Gerard Kearney, Anthony Cunningham Dir: John Roberts -Based upon the 1912 french novel La Guerre des Boutons by Louis Pergaud and previously filmed in 1938 and 1962 (Fr). -The children of two neighboring Irish towns escalate their conflict.

"The Webster Boy" (1960) John Cassavetes, Elizabeth Sellars, David Farrar, Seymour Cassel, Richard O'Sullivan Dir: Don Chaffy Original title: "The Middle of Nowhere" -Filmed in part in Bray. -A divorced American man goes to his ex-wife who is remarried with a teenage son and a romance follows.

"Wedding Night" (1969: Ireland) Dennis Waterman, Tessa Wyatt, Eddie Byrne, Marie O'Donnell, artin Dempsey Dir: Piers Haggard -Screenplay by Lee Dunne -Original Title: "I Can't, I Can't" -A young newly-wed couple in Dublin attempt to adjust to their new life together. Mady O'Reilly fears getting pregnant by her husband Joe, in part because her mother died after a miscarriage. She seeks advice from Fr. Keegan who tells her repeatedly that 'artificial' contraception is prohibited by the Catholic Church. Faced with a dilemma without an apparent solution, Mady attempts suicide.

"West of Kerry" (1938) Eileen Curran, Cecil Ford Dir: Dick Bird -A young woman from the Blasket Islands falls in love with a visiting medical student.

"When Love Came to Gavin Burke" (1918) Kathleen Murphy, Brian Moore Dir: Fred O'Donovan **written by: Nicholas Hayes -produced by the Irish Film Company of Ireland -A three-act comedy about a policeman.

"Wicklow Gold" (1922) Jimmy O'Dea Dir: John McDonagh *** Scripted by: John McDonagh -produced by Irish Photoplays, Ltd.

"Widow Malone" (1916) J.M. Kerrigan Dir: J.M. Kerrigan -produced by The Film Company of Ireland.

"Widows' Peak" (1994) (101 min) (rated PG) Joan Plowright, Mia Farrow, Natasha Richardson, Adrian Dunbar, James Broadbent, Britta Smith, Gerard McSorley Dir: John Irvin **Original Screenplay by Hugh Leonard -Two widows clash over a dentist in Ireland in the 1920s.

"Wilde" (1997: U.K./USA/Japan/Germany) (116 min) Stephen Fry, Jude Law, Vanessa Redgrave, Jennifer Ehle, Tom Wilkinson Dir: Brian Gilbert -Writer and wit Oscar Wilde was 46 years old when he died. -The film's depiction of Oscar Wilde's life includes his affair with young poet Alfred "Bosie" Douglas. During his trial on sodomy charges, Wilde speaks about the injustices inflicted upon those who engage in the love that dare not speak its name.

"Willie Reilly and His Colleen Bawn" (1919) Brian Magowan, Frances Alexander, Jim Plant, George Nesbit Dir: John McDonagh **Scripted by John McDonagh -One of the most popular and successful of the productions produced by the Film Company of Ireland. -Based upon a novel by William Carleton, published in 1855. -The film was shot during the Anglo-Irish War of 1916-1922, and it was a story set in the 1740s and 1750s of an Irish Catholic gentleman and his love for the Protestant Colleen Bawn, making a plea for better understanding between Catholics and Protestants. Another Protestant suitor seeks to invoke the Penal Laws to dispossess his rival of his ancestral lands and to end his relationship with the Colleen Bawn, but liberal Protestants intervene.

"Willie Scouts while Jesse Pouts" (1918) William Power Dir: William Power ** Written by: William Power -a short comedy -Nothing of William Powell's works have survived to the present.

"Wings of the Morning" (1937: UK) (89 min) Annabella, Henry Fonda, Leslie Banks, Irene Vanbrugh, Steward Rome, Harry Tate, Helen Haye, Edward Underdown, Sam Livesey, John McCormack Dir: Harold Schuster -This was the first Technicolor film made in the British Isles. -Filmed partly in Killarney. -Film has a sequence of songs by famed Irish Tenor John McCormack. -Irish-Spanish gypsy Maria escapes to Ireland during the Spanish Civil War where she is disguised as 'Don Mario'. During a storm, she shares a haybarn with Canadian Kerry Gilfallen. As the two become attracted to each other, Kerry is relieved to find that 'Don Marlo' is a woman. Maria finds that her own romantic relationship in modern Ireland, as the child of a gypsy princess and an Irish nobleman, is similar to her parents' relationship.

"The Woman Who Married Clark Gable" (1985) Bob Hoskins, Brenda Fricker Dir: Thaddeus O'Sullivan -This short black and white film was shot in Dublin. -O'Sullivan was the photographer on "Pigs" & "Anne Devlin" -Based upon a short story by Sean O'Faolain.

"Woman's Wit" (1916) Kathleen Murphy, Fred O'Donovan Dir: J.M. Kerrigan -produced by The Film Company of Ireland.

"Words Upon the Window Pane" (1994) Geraldine Chaplin, Geraldine James, Donal Donnelly, Ian Richardson, John Lynch, Jim Sheridan Dir: Mary McGuckian **Screenplay by Mary McGuckian -adaptation of a play by W.B. Yeats -music by Niall Byrne -Swift and his lovers Stella and Vanessa are the focus.

"You Remember Ellen" (1912: U.S.A.) Gene Gauntier, Jack Clark Dir: Sidney Olcott -title from a Thomas Moore poem -The transformation of life depicted in this film occurred for very few in real life. -The harsh life of a young peasant woman in Ireland is altered when she meets a young nobleman who is disguised as a peasant himself. After the two marry, they travel to a mansion where she is surprised to find that he is master and she is the lady of the estate of Rosna Hall.

"Young Cassidy" (1965) (110 min) Rod Taylor, Julie Christie, Maggie Smith, Flora Robson, Sian Philips, Edith Evans, Michael Redgrave, Philip O'Flynn, Jack McGowran, Pauline Delany, Donal Donnelly, T.P. McKenna, Joe Lynch Dir: John Ford, Jack Cardiff ** Screenplay by: John Whiting -Filmed mostly on location in Dublin. -Based upon Sean O'Casey's autobiography, Pictures in the Hallway. -Rod Taylor considers this as one of the most important films of his career, and many consider it to be his finest performance. -In Dublin in 1911, Johnny Cassidy is a manual laborer from a working class family. He writes and distributes political flyers during the strikes and gets caught in the violence between the strikers and the police. He then joins the Irish Citizen Army and becomes part of the 1916 rising, being one who is not captured by the British. He publishes his first book, and struggles to get a play accepted by the Abbey Theatre, The Shadow of a Gunman being his first play accepted. He befriends Lady Gregory and W.B. Yeats. His play The Plough and the Stars causes a riot at the Abbey Theatre. After a fight with his friend, he sets out for England, leaving his girlfriend behind.

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