Irish Documentaries or Docudramas:


Notes: -In the 1920s, Norris Davidson made a series of short films on aspects of Irish life of that time. -In the early 1960s, Gael Linn made a weekly newsreel in Irish for the cinema, but the rise in the use of TVs killed this project. It had 267 editions and was produced by Jim Mulkerns and Colm O'Laoghaire. -George Morrison directed more than 20 short films depicting Irish life and culture. -Directors of high-quality Irish documentaries have been Patrick Carey, Bob Quinn, Louis Marcus, George Morrison, Vincent Corcoran, and Eamonn de Buitlear. Eamonn de Buitlear did wildlife studies.

"Adventure of the Vikings" (documentary) (83 min) -briefly mentions the finding of Irish monks on islands by Vikings on the way to the new world.

"Against Her Majesty - The Irish Underground Army" (documentary)(22 min) Dir: Arthur MacCaig -The IRA in the field, on patrol, and in training for the mortar attack on the British War Cabinet at #10 Downing Street.

"Anna Livia - Dublin, A City of Splendor" (documentary) (1995) (73 min) Narrator: Gay Byrne Dir: John Cook -The Story of the history of Dublin City.

"At the Cinema Palace" (documentary) Dir: Donald Taylor Black Photography by: Sean Corcoran -looks at the work of Liam O'Leary, an Irish film historian

"Atlantean" Dir: Bob Quinn ** Written by Bob Quinn -a series of productions

"Behind the Mask" (documentary) (1989) (65 min) Dir: Frank Martin -In the environment of saturation surveillance, silence and anonymity are among the weapons of survival for the IRA. However, this film offers the opinions and experience of those involved.

"The Black & the Green"

"Caoineadh Airt Ui Laoire" (some years prior to 1978) Sean Ban Breathnach, Caithlin Ni Donnchu Dir: Bob Quinn -Irish dialogue with English subtitles -Film examines a modern theatrical production of an eighteenth century poem about the death of a Gaelic aristocrat. Scenes from rehearsals are mixed with historical accounts.

"A Cattle Drive in Galway" (1908) Dir: Robert Paul (A British director) -First Irish documentary.

"Counterterror" (documentary) (1990) (29 min) Dir: Annie Coldson & Chris Bratton -Film reveals the British "Shoot-To-Kill" policy and exposes the media cover-up.

(title unknown) subject: Court Laundry (1917) Dir: Norman Whitton -produced by the General Film Company of Ireland -film of the operation of the Court Laundry in Dublin, showing Dubliners how their clothes were cleaned.

"Cullyhanna" (documentary) (1992) (21 min) -On December 30, 1990, British soldiers, without provocation, opened fire on two Irish brothers. One brother died and the other was seriously wounded. The people of Cullyhanna convened a public enquiry into the shootings after government officials refused to do so.

"The Day Before Yesterday" (1996) Dir: Maurice Brennan -Photos show the emerging nation of Ireland from the 1920s onward into the 1960s.

"Death on the Rock" (documentary: UK) -Three IRA volunteers are killed by the British SAS near Gibraltar. -This British documentary makes the case that the three people killed could have been arrested but were instead gunned down.

"Dragon's Teeth" (documentary)

"The Easter Rising" Dir: George Morrison

"The Emerald Isle" (documentary) (1990) Dir: Eamon de Buitlear & Cian de Buitlear -made for BBC-TV. -Ireland through the ages.

"Faithful Departed" Dir: Kieran Hickey -Based upon the Lawrence Collection of late nineteenth and early twentieth century photographs in the National Gallery of Ireland.

"The First Irish National Pilgrimage to Lourdes" (1917)

"The Funeral of Larry Marley" (documentary) (60 min) -Exposes the brutal truth of British "peacekeeping" in Ireland. -Larry Marley helped plan the 38-man escape from Long Kesh Prison. He was assassinated shortly after his release from prison.

(The Gate Company prepares for its trip to Elsinore, Denmark to do Hamlet) (a documentary) Micheal MacLiammoir Dir: Hilton Edwards -The Gate Company gets ready for their performance, which was at the invitation of the Danish Government.

"Grosse Ile - Gateway & Graveyard" (documentary) -Grosse Ile is an island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River that was once the Canadian quarantine station for many Irish who were attempting to escape British oppression and starvation in Ireland in the mid-1800s. -Many Irish are buried on Grosse Ile.

"Home Away From Home: The Yanks in Ireland" (documentary) (1993) (58 min) Dir: Mary Pat Kelly -Hosted by Walter Cronkite, narrated by Ray Gandolf, and music by Phil Coulter. 300,000 American soldiers served in Northern Ireland from 1942 to 1945.

"In West Kerry" (in the 1930s) Dir: Richard Hayward

"Ireland - A Writer's Island" (1988) (documentary) Dir: Paul Moore Produced by: Vincent Corcoran -started in 1986, the film took two years to make at a cost of 50,000 punts.

"Ireland's Call to Arms" (1939) Dir: Joe Evans -newsreel put out in 1939 by the Irish Army and camera man Gordon Lewis.

"Irish Events" (newsreels started in 1917) Dir: Norman Whitton -a newsreel by The General Film Company of Ireland -laboratory was in Pearse Street

"Irish Homecoming" (1991) (63 min) Dir: Aiden Meade -Five Irish-Americans go to Ireland in search of their roots.

"Irish News: British Stories" (documentary) (1985) (50 min) -Depicts the distortions and censorship of English reporting of the war in Ireland and of the Irish people themselves.

"Irish Ways" (documentary) (1989) (55 min) Brendan Hughes, Paddy McIntyre, Patricia McDade Dir: Arthur MacCaig -An Irish republican viewpoint in the late 1980s of the situation in the six counties in the north of Ireland under British rule.

"The Kickhams" (1992) (documentary) -The history of an Irish football club in North Belfast mirrors the history of the past 25 years in the north of Ireland.

"Kilmainhan Jail" (~1940) Dir: Clifford Marston -The story of the Irish Bastille.

"The Last Hunger Striker" (documentary) (1982) (60 min) -The life of the last man to die on the 1980 Hunger Strike in the occupied six counties.

"The Life of Michael Flaherty" (~1940) Dir: John Eldright.

"The Light of Other Days" Dir: Kieran Hickey

"Little Ireland" (documentary) (60 min) -presents images of Ireland that include fishing, fast horses, food, thatched roof houses, scenery, and Irish people. -background music by the Chieftains, Van Morrison, Mary Black, Stockton's Wing, and Clannad.

"Look to the Sea" Dir: George Morrison

"Lough Corrib" (in the 1930s) Dir: Richard Hayward

"Matchmaking in Ireland" (1917) Dir: Norman Whitton -Produced by the General Film Company of Ireland.

"Maynooth College" (documentary) (~1950) Dir: Tomas MacAnna (An Abbey Theatre Director)-an uncompleted documentary about the college.

"Meet the Quare Fellow" (1962) (50 min) Dir: Fred O'Donovan -An interview of Brendan Behan by Eamonn Andrews. -Filmed at Ardmore, during the making of "The Quare Fellow".

"Mise Eire" (documentary) (1959) (approx. 90 min) Dir: George Morrison -produced by Gael-Linn -music by Sean O Riada -The development of modern Ireland.

"Mother Ireland" (documentary) (52 min) -produced by Derry Film and Video -The role of Irish women in history is featured. -Includes interviews with Margaret MacCurtain (historian, feminist & nun), Mairead Farrell (IRA soldier killed by the British SAS at Gibraltar), Nell McCafferty (journalist), Bernadette McAliskey, nee Devlin (Irish activist & former British MP), and older members of Cumman na mBan.

"Off Our Knees: 1968-1988, Civil Rights to National Rights" (documentary) (55 min) -The 20-year history of mass struggle in the North of Ireland. -Written and Directed by Bernadette McAliskey (nee Devlin).

"The One Nighters" (1962) (documentary) Brendan Bowyer Dir: Peter Collinson -Filmed at the Ardmore Studios. -Film about the Royal Showband from Waterford.

"Origins: The Two Traditions" (documentary) -Narrates the history of the two cultures of Ireland - Nationalist and Unionist.

"Out of Ireland" (documentary) (1994) -Readings by Liam Neeson, Gabriel Byrne, Aidan Quinn, Brenda Fricker -The Story of Irish Emigration to America.

"Pack Up The Troubles" (documentary) (60 min) -Film presents an argument why the British troops should leave Northern Ireland. -Co-Producer Cahal McLaughlin.

"The Patriot Game" (documentary) (1978) (97 min) Dir: Arthur MacCaig -An explanation for the existence of the Northern Ireland statelet and for the struggle to extinguish it.

"Peil" Dir: Louis Marcus

"The Penal Days" (documentary) -Following Cromwell's invasion of Ireland (1649) and the Treaty of Limerick (1691), Irish Catholics were subject to repressive British laws. -Irish Catholics were forbidden to receive education, to enter a profession, to hold public office, to engage in trade or commerce, to own a horse worth more than five pounds, to vote, or to attend Catholic worship.

"Portrait of Ireland"

"The Radharc Guide to Celtic Monasteries" (documentary) (1992) (104 min) -Cyril Cusack narrates.

"Rhapsody of a River" Dir: Louis Marcus

"The San Patricios: the tragic story of the St. Patrick's Battalion." (documentary) -During the U.S./Mexican War of 1846-48, more than 500 immigrant soldiers, mostly Irish, deserted the U.S. Army to join forces with the Mexican Army.

"Saoirse?" (documentary) (1961) (approx. 90 min) Dir: George Morrison -produced by Gael-Linn -music by Sean O Riada -The development of modern Ireland.

"A Sense of Loss" (1972: US-Swiss) (135 min) (unrated) (documentary) Dir: Marcel Ophuls (director of "The Sorrow and the Pity") -Documentary about the conflict in Northern Ireland.

"Sentenced" (documentary) (45 min) -shows the plight of families of Irish prisoners in English jails.

"A Serial of Twenty Irish Scenics" (1917) -The Irish Film Company boasts that it has a library of 10,000 feet of Irish scenery and puts out this film.

"The Shadow of Bealnablath - The Story of Michael Collins" (docudrama) (1991) (117 min) -Based upon an investigation into the evidence, this film names the man who killed Michael Collins.

"Sinn Fein and the Ballot Box" (documentary)(1986)(30 min) -The evolution of the political involvement of the Irish Republican movement.

"1641" & "The Curse of Cromwell" (two documentaries on a single video tape) -Shows the reports in England of the Irish Rebellion of 1641. -Shows Cromwell's invasion in 1649 and the Cromwellian settlements of 1652-54.

"Step Together" (~1940) Dir: Joe Evans -newsreel put out in WWII by the Irish Army and camera man Gordon Lewis.

"The Treaty" (docudrama) Ian Bannan, Brendan Gleeson, Barry McGovern Dir: Jonathan Lewis ******** Written by: Brian Phelan -A Merlin Films Production for Thames Television & Radio Telefis Eireann. -The story of the Anglo-Irish Treaty of December 1921.

"Uncensored Voices - War or Peace in Ireland (documentary) (1995) (70 min) -Dir: Daniel Cassidy *********** Narration by Kate Perry -Music by Black 47 & Paddy A-Go-Go -The British Government have censored Fr. Des Wilson, Oliver Kearney, Mary Nelis, Eamon McCann, and Bernadette Devlin McAliskey. This video allows you to hear their voices and their arguments against the continued occupation of a portion of Ireland by the British government.

"Understanding Northern Ireland"(documentary)(1993)(60 min) -The film's narrator speaks of the "warring tribes" in Northern Ireland. -Appears to be a film produced by someone with a British perspective.

"Water Wisdom and Irish Gossamer" Dir: Colm O'Laoghaire

"Waves and Errigal" Dir: Patrick Carey

"When Ireland Starved" (documentary) -Film shows the tragedy of "An Gorta Mor" (the Great Hunger). -This film about the so-called "Great Famine" of 1845-1850 shows Irish people starving to death in the midst of plenty as an abundance of food is shipped under armed guard to Britain.

"Wicklow Gold" (documentary) (~1950) Dir: Tomas MacAnna (An Abbey Theatre Director)

"The Will To Resist: The H-Block Hunger Strike" (documentary) -Shows the reasons for the Irish hunger Strikes of 1980 and the war against Britain.

"Yeats' Country" Dir: Patrick Carey

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