Other Films With an Irish or Celtic Connection


"Babes in Toyland" (1934) (73 min) Charles R. Rogers, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charlotte Henry, Henry Kleinbach (Brandon), Felix Knight, Jean Darling, Johnny Downs, Marie Wilson Dir: Gus Meins -based upon operetta by Victor Herbert (born in Dublin) -retitled "March of the Wooden Soldiers" -originally released at 79 min -computer colored version available -Laurel & Hardy go to toyland.

"Babes in Toyland" (1961) (105 min) Ray Bolger, Tommy Sands, Annette Funicello, Henry Calvin, Gene Sheldon, Tommy Kirk, Ed Wynn, Ann Jillian Dir: Jack Donohue Disney's version of Victor Herbert's operetta.

"Babes in Toyland" (1986) (150 min) Drew Barrymore, Richard Mulligan, Eileen Brennan, Keanu Reeves, Pat Morita Dir: Clive Donner -Another remake of Victor Herbert's operetta.

"Battle of Culloden" (Scotland)(1965: UK)(75 min)(rated PG) (documentary) Dir: Peter Watkins -A recounting of a horrific 18th-century battle that led to the fall of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

"Battle of the Sexes (Scotland) (1960: UK) (84 min) Peter Sellers, Robert Morley, Constance Cummings, Jameson Clark Dir: Charles Crichton -Elder Scotsman contemplates murder.

"Bonnie Prince Charlie" (Scotland) (1948:UK) (118 min) David Niven, Margaret Leighton, Jack Hawkins, Judy Campbell, Morland Graham, Finlay Currie Dir: Anthony Kimmins -Released at 140 minutes. -Prince Charles of 18th Century Scotland goes to war.

"Bonnie Scotland (Scotland) (1935) (80 min) Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, June Lang, William Janney, Anne Grey, Vernon Steele, James Finlayson Dir: James Horne -Laurel & Hardy join by accident a Scottish military regiment stationed in the desert.

"Brannigan" (England) (1975) (111 min) (rated PG) John Wayne, Richard Attenborough, Judy Geeson, Mel Ferrer, Ralph Meeker, John Vernon Dir: Douglas Hickox -Irish-American cop goes to London to bring back a fugitive.

"Brigadoon" (Scotland) (1954) (108 min) Gene Kelly, Van Johnson, Cyd Charisse, Elaine Stewart, Barry Jones, Hugh Laing Dir: Vincente Minnelli -based upon Lerner & Loewe Broadway musical -Two Americans discover a magical Scottish village.

"Britannia Mews" (England) (See: "Forbidden Street")

"Comfort and Joy" (Scotland) (1984: UK) (105 min) Bill Paterson, Eleanor David, C.P. Grogan, Alex Norton, Patrick Malahide, Rikki Fulton, Roberto Bernardi Dir: Bill Forsyth -Scottish disc jockey gets caught up in a local gangland war.

"Cromwell" (1970: UK) (145 min) (rated G) Richard Harris, Alec Guinness, Robert Morley, Dorothy Tutin, Frank Finlay, Timothy Dalton, Patrick Wymark, Patrick Magee, Nigel Stock, Charles Gray, Michael Jayston, Geoffrey Keen Dir: Ken Hughes -Cromwell rids England of Charles I.

"Dark Obsession" (England) (1989: U.K.) (87 min & 97 min) (two releases: one rated NC-17 and one rated R) Gabriel Bryne, Amanda Donohoe, Douglas Hodge, Ian Carmichael, Michael Hordern, Judy Parfitt, Sadie Frost Dir: Nicholas Broomfield -Original Title: "Diamond Skulls" -A number of film critics rate this film as a bomb although Siskel & Ebert gave it two thumbs up. -Though no Irish characters are portrayed in this film, Bryne plays the central role of a corrupt English aristocrat. -Double-infidelity, incest, lack of human compassion, and murders are elements that surround a conspiracy to protect the lifestyle of one of England's aristocracy's own amidst a crumbling society.

"Daughter of Darkness" (England) (1947: U.K.) Siobhan McKenna, Liam Redmond Dir: Lance Comfort -Emmy Baudine is a priest's housekeeper. She finds that she has a mesmerizing effect of men, including Father Corcoran, her employer. Based upon pressure from his Irish parishioners, Fr. Corcoran sends Emmy to Yorkshire where she kills three men. When her responsibility for the murders is uncovered, she is forced out onto the moors by her employer. She there is attacked by a dog once owned by one of the men she killed.

"The Day They Robbed the Bank of England" (1960: U.K.)(85 min) Aldo Ray, Elizabeth Sellars, Peter O'Toole, Hugh Griffith, Kieron Moore, Albert Sharpe, Joseph Tomelty Dir: John Guillerman -Members of the IRA scheme to rob the Bank of England.

"Diamond Skulls" See: "Dark Obsession"

"The Eagle Has Landed" (1977) (123 min) (rated PG) Michael Caine, Donald Sutherland, Robert Duvall, Jenny Agutter, Donald Pleasence, Anthony Quayle, Jean Marsh, Sven-Bertil Taube, John Standing, Judy Geeson, Treat Williams, Larry Hagman Dir: John Sturges -In the final days of WWII, Nazi leaders recruit an ex-member of the IRA to go to Britain with undercover German soldiers in a bid to either capture or kill Winston Churchill.

"The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain" (Wales) (1995: UK) (99 min) Hugh Grant, Tara Fitzgerald, Colm Meaney Dir: Christopher Monger -Two English surveyors declare a Welsh town's mountain a hill, so the townspeople set out to make things right.

"Escape" See: "The McKenzie Break"

"A Fine Madness" (Scotland) (1966) (104 min) Sean Connery, Joanne Woodward, Jean Seberg, Patrick O'Neal, Colleen Dewhurst, Renee Taylor Dir: Irvin Kershner -A radical poet clashes with society.

"Flesh and Blood" (Scotland) (1951: UK) (102 min) Richard Todd, Glynis Johns, Joan Greenwood, Andre Morell, Freda Jackson, James Hayter, George Cole, Michael Hordern Dir: Anthony Kimmins -Set in Scotland, a look at a family, one generation to the next.

"Forbidden Street" (England) (1949: UK) (91 min) Dana Andrews, Maureen O'Hara, Sybil Thorndike, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Fay Comptom Dir: Jean Negulesco -Original Title: "Britannia Mews" -Scripted by: Ring Lardner, Jr. -A woman in Victoria England defies her parents and marries beneath her class.

"The Gold Cure" (1925: U.K.) Nell Emerald Dir: W.P. Kellino -Nora Flanagan migrates.

"The Gospel According to Vic" (1986: UK) (92 min) (rated PG) Tom Conti, Helen Mirren, David Hayman Dir: Charles Gormley -A Catholic school teacher survives a bad fall. -aka: "Heavenly Pursuits"

"Green Grow the Rushes" (1951: UK) (80 min) (Kent) Richard Burton, Honor Blackman, Roger Livesey, Geoffrey Keen, Archie Duncan Dir: Derek Twist -Burton's last British film before going to Hollywood. -A comedy. -A civil servant finds a Brandy smuggling operation in a Kent village.

"Gregory's Girl" (Scotland) (1981: Scottish) (91 min)(rated PG) Gordon John Sinclair, Dee Hepburn, Chic Murray, Jake D'Arcy, Alex Norton, John Bett, Clare Grogan Dir: Bill Forsyth -A soccer-playing teen falls in love.

"Hasty Heart" (Scotland) (1949: UK) (99 min) Ronald Reagan, Patricia Neal, Richard Todd, Anthony Nicholls, Howard Crawford Dir: Vincent Sherman -Based upon John Patrick play. -A Scottish soldier discovers he has a short time to live.

"Heavenly Pursuits" (Scot.) (See: "The Gospel According to Vic")

"Hickey & Boggs" (1972) (11 min) (rated PG) Robert Culp, Bill Cosby, Rosalind Cash Dir: Robert Culp -Two private eyes look for a missing girl.

"Highlander" (Scotland) (1986) (111 min) (rated R) Christopher Lambert, Roxanne Hart, Clancy Brown, Sean Connery, Beatie Edney, Alan North Dir: Russell Mulcahy -film outside the U.S. was 17 minutes longer -From 16th century Scotland, the immortal Conor McCloud is tracked to America by his eternal enemy.

"Highlander II-The Quickening"(Scotland)(1991)(88 min)(rated R) Christopher Lambert, Virginia Madsen, Michael Ironside, Sean Connery, John C. McGinley, Allan Rich, Phil Brock, Rusty Schwimmer Dir: Russell Mulcahy -some video versions run 108 min -A challenge presents itself to the immortal.

"Highlander III, The Sorcerer"(Scot)(1995)(94 min)(rated PG-13) Christopher Lambert, Mario Van Peebles, Mako, Deborah Unger, Raoul Trujillo, Martin Neufeld, Jean-Pierre Perusse, Daniel Do, Gabriel Kakon, Michael Jayston Dir: Andy Morahan **** (a U.S./Canadian production) -Conor McCloud does battle in New York City.

"How Green Was My Valley" (Wales) (1941) (118 min) (B&W) Walter Pidgeon, Maureen O'Hara, Donald Crisp, Anna Lee, Roddy McDowall, Sara Allgood, Barry Fitzgerald, John Loder, Patrick Knowles Dir: John Ford (5 Oscars, including best picture, best director and best cinematography) -A tribute to the Welsh family unit surviving the hardships of a coalmining town in Wales in the late 1800s.

"I Know Where I'm Going" (Scotland) (1945:UK) (91 min) Wendy Hiller, Roger Livesey, Finlay Currie, Pamela Brown, Valentine Dyall, Petula Clark Dir: Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger -A young woman is convinced that she will marry a rich man until she travels to a Scottish town.

"The Irish Honeymoon" (1910: U.S.) Gene Gauntier Dir: Sidney Olcott -filmed in the U.K.

"Ivanhoe" (England) (1952) (106 min) Robert Taylor, Joan Fontaine, Elizabeth Taylor, Emlyn Williams, George Sanders, Robert Douglas, Finlay Currie, Felix Aylmer, Francis de Wolff, Guy Rolfe, Norman Wooland, Basil Sydney Dir: Richard Thorpe -Based upon a novel by Walter Scott. -Knights battle in the middle ages and show chivalry.

"Ivanhoe" (1982) (150 min) Anthony Andrews, James Mason, Lysette Anthony, Sam Neill, Olivia Hussey, Michael Horden, Julian Glover, George Innes, Ronald Pickup, John Rhys-Davies, Chloe Franks Dir: Douglas Camfield -Based upon a novel by Walter Scott. -Knights battle in the middle ages and show chivalry.

"King Arthur, the Young Warlord" (1975) (90 min)(rated PG) Oliver Tobias, Michael Gothard, Jack Watson, Brian Blessed, Peter Firth Dir: Sidney Hayers, Pat Jackson & Peter Sasdy -In the early years of Celtic King Arthur, he does battle against the Saxon hordes.

"Knights of the Round Table" (1954) (115 min) Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner, Mel Ferrer, Stanley Baker, Felix Aylmer Dir: Richard Thorpe -A bit of the Celtic Kings legends.

"The Last Days of Dolwyn" (Wales) (1949: UK) (95 min) Edith Evans, Emlyn Williams, Richard Burton, Anthony James, Hugh Griffith Dir: Emlyn Williams -aka: "Woman of Dolwyn" -A Welsh village is marked for destruction in a reservoir project.

"The Little Minister" (Scotland) (1934) (70 min) Katharine Hepburn, John Beal, Donald Crisp, Andy Clyde, Beryl Mercer Dir: Richard Wallace -Based upon a story by James M. Barrie. -Scottish pastor falls in love.

"Local Hero" (Scotland) (1983: UK) (111 min) (rated PG) Peter Riegert, Burt Lancaster, Fulton MacKay, Denis Lawson, Norman Chancer, Peter Capaldi, Jenny Seagrove Dir: Bill Forsyth -A corporate plan to buy a Scottish coastal village for a refinery site runs into problems.

"Lorna Doone" (Scotland) (1935: UK) (89 min) John Loder, Margaret Lockwood, Victoria Hopper, Roy Emerson, Edward Rigby, Mary Clare, Roger Livesey Dir: Basil Dean -based upon Richard D. Blackmore's novel. -In 1680s, farmers rebel against oppressive English landowners. Includes a love story.

"Lorna Doone" (Scotland) (1951) (88 min) Barbara Hale, Richard Greene, Carl Benton Reid, William Bishop Dir: Phil Karlson -another film based upon the novel by Blackmore.

"Lorna Doone" (Scotland) (1990: UK) (90 min) Clive Owen, Sean Bean, Polly Walker, Billie Whitelaw, Miles Anderson, Rachel Kempson Dir: Andrew Grieve -another film based upon Blackmore's novel.

"Mary of Scotland" (Scotland) (1936) (123 min) Katharine Hepburn, Fredric March, Florence Eldridge, John Carradine, Alan Mowbray, Donald Crisp Dir: John Ford -adapted from Maxwell Anderson's play. -Mary Stuart refuses to give up her crown.

"Mary, Queen of Scots" (Scotland) (1971) (128 min)(rated PG) Vanessa Redgrave, Glenda Jackson, Patrick McGoohan, Timothy Dalton, Nigel Davenport, Trevor Howard, Daniel Massey, Ian Holm Dir: Charles Jarrott -Queen of Scotland vies with Queen Elizabeth for the English throne.

"Mary Reilly" (England) (1996) (118 min) Julia Roberts, John Malkovich, Glenn Close Dir: Stephen Frears -Irish maid goes to work for Dr. Jekyll and discovers Mr. Hyde.

"The McKenzie Break" (1970) (106 min) (rated PG) Brian Keith, Helmut Griem, Ian Hendry, Jack Watson, Patrick O'Connell Dir: Lamont Johnson -See: "Escape" -During WWII, German prisoners escape from a POW camp in Scotland.

"Month in the Country" (England) (1987: UK) (96 min) Colin Firth, Kenneth Branagh, Natasha Richardson, Patrick Malahide, Tony Haygarth, Jim Carter Dir: Pat O'Connor -A war-weary WWI vet goes to the country where he discovers a medieval painting in a church.

"Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue" (1953) (81 min) Richard Todd, Glynis Johns, James Robertson Justice, Michael Gough Dir: Harold French -Disney's version of 18th century Scottish rebel who leads people into battle with King George.

"Rob Roy" (Scotland) (1995) (139 min) (rated R) Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange, John Hurt, Tim Roth, Eric Stoltz, Brian Cox, Andrew Keir Dir: Michael Caton-Jones -In the highlands of 1713, a Scottish rebel fights a corrupt nobility.

"Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" (England) (1960: UK)(98 min) Albert Finney, Shirley Ann Field, Rachel Roberts, Norman Rossington Dir: Karel Reisz -This film launched Albert Finney into stardom. -A working class fellow thumbs his nose at society and carries on affairs with women.

"Shadowlands" (1993: UK) (130 min) (England) -C.S. Lewis was a protestant from Northern Ireland.

"Shallow Grave" (Scotland) (1994) (94 min) (rated R) Kerry Fox, Christopher Eccleston, Ewan McGregor, Ken Stott, Keith Allen, Colin McCredie Dir: Danny Boyle -Three roommates take in a boarder, but then find him dead and possessing a lot of money.

"The Sword in the Stone" (1963) (75 min) Ricky Sorenson, Sebastian Cabot, Karl Swenson, Junius Matthews Dir: Wolfgang Reitherman -Animated Disney film of part of the Celtic Kings legends. -Based upon the first part of T.E. White's "The Once and Future King". -King Arthur as a boy.

"Sword of Lancelot" (1963: UK) (115 min) Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace, Brian Ahern, George Baker Dir: Cornel Wilde -Film presents the romantic triangle between King Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere in the Celtic Kings legends.

"Sword of the Valiant" (1982: UK) (101 min) (rated PG) Miles O'Keeffe, Sean Connery, Leigh Lawson, Trevor Howard, Peter Cushing Dir: Stephen Weeks -Gawain faces the Green Knight.

"This England" (England) (1942) (84 min) Emlyn Williams, John Clements, Constance Cummings Dir: David MacDonald -An American journalist visits a country village in WWII and learns its history down through the ages.

"The Three Lives of Thomasina" (Scotland) (1964) (97 min) Patrick McGoohan, Susan Hampshire, Karen Dotrice, Vincent Winter, Denis Gilmore, Laurence Naismith, Finlay Currie Dir: Don Chaffey -Disney film made in England from a story by Paul Gallico. -A young girl loves her Scottish cat.

"Tight Little Island" (1949: UK) (Scotland) (81 min) Basil Radford, Joan Greenwood Dir: Alexander Mackendrick -Scottish islanders take measures to secure a cargo of whiskey that lands just off shore. Comedy. (AKA: "Whiskey Galore")

"Titanic" (1997) (rated PG-13) (mid-Atlantic Ocean) Leonardo Dicaprio Dir: James Cameron -Winner of 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. -In 1912, two young adults fall in love on the Titanic, a British ship that had been built in Belfast and was then sailing for America. Separated at times by class status, a male rival, and a sinking ship, the young couple demonstrate the strength of their love. Irish music is featured on the lower decks, and, on an upper deck and in a lifeboat, rich Irish-American Molly Brown asserts her presence.

"Trouble in the Glen" (1954) (91 min) (Scotland) Orson Welles, Victor McLaglen, Forrest Tucker, Margaret Lockwood Dir: Herbert Wilcox -A Scottish-American goes to his ancestral home and finds himself involved in a dispute between the local residents and a lord.

"Whiskey Galore" (See: "Tight Little Island")

"The Wicker Man" (Scotland) (1973) (95 min) Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Britt Ekland, Ingrid Pitt Dir: Robin Hardy -Cult film based upon bizarre alterations of ancient celtic beliefs.

"Woman of Dolwyn" (See: "The Last Days of Dolwyn")

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