Films with Questionable Irish Connections


"Brothers O'Toole" (1973) (94 min) (rated G) John Astin, Steve Carlson, Pat Carroll, Hans Conreid, Lee Meriwether Dir: Richard Erdman -A couple of drifters happen into a dying mining town in the 1890s.

"Celtic Pride" (1996) (91 min) (rated PG-13) Damon Wayans, Daniel Stern, Dan Aykroyd, Gail O'Grady, Christopher McDonald Dir: Tom DeCerchio **** Story by: Colin Quinn & Judd Apatow -Fans look to influence a big basketball game.

"China O'Brien" (1990) (90 min) (rated R) Cynthia Rothrock Dir: Robert Clouse -China O'Brien, a former cop, returns home to avenge her father's murder. With her martial arts skills, O'Brien goes after the drug-dealing murderers.

"China O'Brien 2" (1995) (85 min) (rated R) Cynthia Rothrock, Richard Norton Dir: Robert Clouse -After a drug lord is sprung from prison, he seeks revenge in a town protected by Sheriff China O'Brien.

"A Date With Death" See: "McGuire Go Home!"

"Donovan's Brain" (1953) (85 min) Lew Ayres, Gene Evans, Nancy Davis, Steve Brodie Dir: Felix Feist -A scientist controls the brain of a dead millionaire, but things get out of control.

"Finnegan Begin Again" (1985) (105 min) Mary Tyler Moore, Robert Preston, Sylvia Sidney, Sam Waterston, David Huddleston, Bob Gunton Dir: Joan Micklin Silver -Perhaps a reference is in the title to Finnegan's Wake by James Joyce. Recall that MTM purchased Ardmore Studios in Dublin in late 1985. -A relationship develops between a widowed schoolteacher, who is having an affair with a married man, and a newsman whose wife is becoming senile.

"Grace Quigley" (1985) (88 min) Katharine Hepburn, Nick Nolte, Elizabeth Wilson, Chip Zein, William Duell, Kit Le Fever Dir: Anthony Harvey -An old woman convinces a hit man to kill her friends who do not want to live any longer. -also entitled "The Ultimate Solution of Grace Quigley," which is the scriptwriter's 94-minute version.

"The High Bright Sun" See: "McGuire Go Home!"

"Jerry MaGuire" (1997) (135 min) (rated R) Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger, Cuba Gooding, Jr. Dir: Cameron Crowe ******** Writer: Cameron Crowe -A sports agent gets help with his mid-life crisis.

"Kelly" (1981: Canadian) (93 min) Robert Logan, Twyla-Dawn Vokins, George Clutesi, Elaine Nalee, Doug Lennox Dir: Christopher Chapman -Script by Robert Logan. -A girl is sent by her mother away from the city to live with her father in the wilderness, where she matures rapidly.

"Kelly and Me" (1957) (86 min) Van Johnson, Piper Laurie, Martha Hyer, Onslow Stevens Dir: Robert Z. Leonard -An unsuccessful hoofer makes the big-time movies when he teams with a talented dog.

"Kelly's Heroes" (1970) (145 min) (rated PG) Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Don Rickles, Donald Sutherland, Carroll O'Connor, Gavin MacLeod, Stuart Margolin, (Harry) Dean Stanton Dir: Brian G. Hutton -U.S. soldiers in WWII Europe get involved in a gold heist behind enemy lines.

"Kelly of the Secret Service" (1936) Lloyd Hughes, Sheila Mannors, Fuzzy Knight, Syd Saylor, Jack Mulhall, Forrest Taylor Dir: Robert F. "Bob" Hill -An agent tries to find out who stole the plans for a guided missile system.

"Madigan" (1968) (101 min) Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda, Harry Guardino, Inger Stevens, James Whitmore, Susan Clark, Michael Dunn, Sheree North Dir: Donald Siegel -Adapted later as a TV series. -Police deal with problems in New York City.

"Madigan's Million" (1968) (86 min) (rated G) Dustin Hoffman, Elsa Martinelli, Cesar Romero Dir: Stanley Prager -A treasury agent is sent to Italy to recover money stolen by a recently murdered thug.

"Magee and the Lady" (1978: Australia) (92 min) Tony Lo Bianco, Sally Kellerman, Anne Semler, Rod Mullinar, Kevin Leslie Dir: Gene Levitt -Originally entitled "She'll Be Sweet" -A skipper attempts to stall the repossession of his freighter.

"McBain" (1991) (102 min) (rated R) Christophen Walken, Maria Conchita Alonso, Michael Ironside, Steve James, Jay Patterson, T.G. Waites, Victor Argo, Chick Vennera Dir: James Glickenhaus -An ex-Viet Nam P.O.W. joins rebels against a Columbian dictator so that he can pay back a debt.

"McCloud: Who Killed Miss U.S.A.?" (1969) (100 min) Dennis Weaver, Craig Stevens, Diana Muldaur, Mark Richman, Terry Carter, Raul Julia, Shelly Novak, Julie Newmar Dir: Richard Colla -A U.S. deputy marshall from New Mexico transports a murder witness to New York City, then loses him.

"The McGuffin" (1985: U.K.) (95 min) Charles Dance, Ritza Brown, Francis Matthews, Brian Glover, Phyllis Logan, Jerry Stiller, Anna Massey, Ann Todd, Bill Shine Dir: Colin Bucksey -A film critic's curiosity about his neighbors leads to his involvement in murder and mayhem.

"McGuire Go Home!" (1966: U.K.) (101 min) Dirk Bogarde, George Chakiris, Susan Strasberg, Denholm Elliot Dir: Ralph Thomas -See Video titles: "A Date With Death" ; "The High Bright Sun" -On Cyprus in 1954, freedom fighters fight the British occupation forces while a British officer falls in love with an American woman.

"McHale's Navy" (1964) (93 min) Ernest Borgnine, Joe Flynn, Tim Conway, George Kennedy, Claudine Longet, Bob Hastings, Carl Ballantine, Billy Sands, Gavin MacLeod, Jean Willes Dir: Edward J. Montague -Based upon a popular TV series. -The PT-73 crew does everything they can to pay off gambling debts.

"McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force" (1965) (90 min) Tim Conway, Joe Flynn, Bob Hastings, Ted Bessell, Susan Silo, Henry Beckman, Billy Sands, Gavin MacLeod, Tom Tully, Jacques Aubuchon Dir: Edward J. Montague -Script by: John Fenton Murray -Ensign Parker is mistaken for an air force ace, and he keeps getting promoted despite his screw-ups.

"McNaughton's Daughter" (1976) (98 min) Susan Clark, Vera Miles, Ralph Bellamy, Ricardo Montalban, James Callaghan, John Elerick, Mike Farrell Dir: Jerry London -Film was a pilot for a would-be TV series. -A deputy district attorney is assigned to prosecute a saintly missionary who is accused of murder.

"The Mighty McGurk" (1946) (85 min) Wallace Beery, Dean Stockwell, Dorothy Patrick, Edward Arnold Dir: John Waters -A boxer befriends an orphan.

"The Mighty Quinn" (1989) (98 min) (rated R) Denzel Washington, Robert Townsend, James Fox, Mimi Rogers, M. Emmet Walsh Dir: Carl Schenkel -A Jamaican police chief comes to believe that his friend is probably not guilty of the murder of which he is accused.

"Murphy's Fault" (1988) (1988) (rated PG-13) Patrick Dollaghan, Anne Curry, Stack Pierce Dir: Robert J. Smawley -A night watchman/writer is bothered by a series of bad luck, affecting romance and career.

"Murphy's Law" (1986) (100 min) (rated R) Charles Bronson, Kathleen Wihoite, Carrie Snodgrass, Robert F. Lyons, Richard Romanus, Angel Tompkins, Bill Henderson, James Luisi, Janet MacLachlan, Lawrence Tieney Dir: J. Lee Thompson -A cop is framed for murders by a released convict.

"Murphy's Law of Golf" (1989) (30 min) (unrated) Tom Poston, David Doyle, Richard Moll Dir: David Wechter -A fellow hacks his way through a round of golf while being bothered by Murphy's Law".

"Murphy's Romance" (1985) (107 min) (rated PG-13) James Garner, Sally Field, Brian Kerwin, Corey Haim, Dennis Burkley, Georgann Johnson, Charles Lane Dir: Martin Ritt -A young divorced woman with a 12-year old son finds love with a much older man in Arizona.

"O'Hara, United States Treasury" (1971) (99 min) David Janssen, Lana Wood Dir: Jack Webb - A customs agent chases narcotics smugglers.

"O'Hara's Wife" (1982) (87 min) (rated PG) Edward Asner, Mariette Hartley, Jodie Foster, Perry Lang, Tom Bosley, Ray Walston, Allen Williams, Mary Jo Catlett, Richard Schaal, Nehemiah Persoff -A widower sees the ghost of his dead wife.

"Queen Kelly" (1928) (96 min) Gloria Swanson, Seena Owen, Walter Byron, Tully Marshall, Madame Sul Te Wan Dir: Erich von Stroheim -film was never completed, so restored version wraps up film with stills and subtitles -European version of film is also available, and the girl in this version meets with a different fate. -A convent girl falls for a rogue, and she is sent to live with her aunt in East Africa. However, the aunt, in fact, runs a brothel.

"Salty O'Rourke" (1945) (99 min) Alan Ladd, Gail Russell, William Bemarest, Stanley Clements, Bruce Cabot, Spring Byington Dir: Raoul Walsh -Conman aims to strike it rich at the horse races.

"Saving Private Ryan" (1998) (rated R) Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore Dir: Steven Spielberg *** Written by Robert Rodat -After leading a group of men in the D-Day landing in France on June 6, 1944, U.S. Army Officer Miller is assigned to find U.S. Army Paratrooper Private Ryan and bring him home.

"Shamus" (1973) (106 min) (rated PG) Burt Reynolds, Dyan Cannon, Giorgio Tozzi, John Ryan, Joe Santos Dir: Buzz Kulick -Private Eye Shamus McCoy tries to solve the case despite personal risks.

"Slattery's Hurricane" (1949) (83 min) Richard Widmark, Linda Darnell, Veronica Lake, John Russell, Gary Merrill Dir: Andre de Toth -Herman Wouk co-wrote the script and then later expanded the story into a novel. -The pilot of a weather-plane looks back on his life as he travels in a storm.

"Sullivan's Empire" (1967) (91 min) Thomas Carr, Martin Milner, Clu Gulager, Karen Jensen, Linden Chiles, Don Quine, Arch Johnson Dir: Harvey Hart -Three sons search for their father after his plane crashes in South America.

"The Ultimate Solution of Grace Quigley" (See: "Grace Quigley")

"The Wild Geese" (1978: UK) (134 min) (rated R) Richard Burton, Roger Moore, Richard Harris, Hardy Kruger, Stewart Granger, Jack Watson, Frank Finlay, Jeff Corey, Winston Ntshona Dir: Andrew V. McLaglen -Mercenaries rescue kidnapped African leader.

"Wild Geese II" (1985: UK) (125 min) (rated R) Scott Glenn, Barbara Carrera, Edward Fox, Laurence Olivier, Robert Weber, Robert Freitag, Kenneth Haigh Dir: Peter Hunt -A mercenary springs Rudolf Hess from Spandau prison.

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