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4. Jig Steps  (3 beats to a bar)
   A. Basic Jig Step
         {step on flat of foot}
         {emphasis is on 1st beat of the bar}
       Gents:  L R L ; R L R ; repeat
       Ladies: R L R ; L R L ; repeat

         counted: down, two, three
                  two, two, three
                  three, two, three
	          eight, two, three    

   B. House Movement
       -When turning clockwise in the "House" or "Body" Movements, men 
        pivot on the left foot.

Note:  A fancier jig step can be performed by clicking the heel of the first 
       foot and then the flat of that same foot all for the first beat. 
            For example:  
                           click, down, two, three  
                           click, two, two, three   
                           click, three, two, three
                           click, eight, two, three    

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